kodak相机时髦的文化 地道美语就咖啡23-穿梭英语

时髦的文化 地道美语就咖啡23-穿梭英语骑士的沙丘

Y: 各位听众好! 我是杨晨! 欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。
J: Hello, I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe! Yang Chen, that is a great outfit! You certainly have an eye for fashion. Hey, speaking of fashion have you ever thought about how fashion is connected to politics and society.
Y: 时装和政治的关系?我从来没想过。
J: I never thought about it until I spoke to a woman named Tina. She's lived in Washington鬼斧神工造句 , D.C. for many years and she studied fashion.
Y: Tina在华盛顿住了多少年?
J: Let's hear Tina as she answers the question伤城秘密 , "How long have you lived in Washington, D.C.?"
Tina: Seven administrations.
Y: Interesting! 她没有说她在华盛顿住了多少年,而是说Seven administrations就是七届政府的意思。哇,她可真是个见过世面的人啊。
J: Oh, I bet she has. And with her background in fashion, Tina has a really interesting view of D.C. that involves the connection between politics, society and fashion.
Y: 说起fashion来,这当然是我最喜欢谈论的题目之一。不过政治和时装真的有那么大关系吗?
J: Oh, let's hear from Tina as she compares the Democrats and the Clinton administration who she feels are more hip希里黛玉 , more liberal, with the more conservative Republican Party.
Y: Jody, 你刚才说的hip, 你能给听众解释一下这个好吗?
J: Oh, sure. Hip is spelled H-I-P. If a person if "hip" they are in sync or in step with fashion.
Y: 就是很时髦的意思。
J: 对了年代向钱看 !Exactly! Here's Tina.
ACT Tina
I'd say, since the Clinton administration it has become much more hip because the Clinton's brought in a much younger, hipper, much more liberal crowd which is much open and less conservative clothing.
Y: 如果我没理解错的话叶世荣冥婚 , 她的意思是说,不同政党的政府能够影响人们的行为举止和穿着打扮, 是吗?
J: You got it. The pulse P-U-L-S-E of the city changes overnight.
Y: Pulse在这里是节奏的意思。
J: Talking about the former President Clinton, another difference is that he often had free concerts on the Mall where he brought in bands from all over the world.
Y: 没错,在克林顿执政的时候,在白宫附近的大草坪上经常有免费音乐会,而且那些乐队来自世界各地。
J: Again, here's Tina.
Tina: You can feel the pulse. It just changes overnight. Down to the inauguration Bill Clinton brought in bands from all over the world like Los Lobos and Santana. And these were free concerts on The Mall. Whereas, during the Reagan Administration they banned the Beach Boys. I mean安然无恙造句 , it's this complete flip flop in culture.
Y: 你得解释一下Flip Flop这个说法。
J: Flip flop is spelled F-L-I-P, F-L-O-P. And flip flop means to change from one thing quickly to the exact opposite.
Y: Flip flop就是突然转变或截然不同的意思。
J: There's also a flip flop in what restaurants are popular. Tina explains that Democrats usually prefer fun and trendy restaurants which is a flip flop from the more expensive, what she calls the "expense account" restaurants that Republicans prefer.
Tina: The restaurants that people go to are more fun. They are less like the expense account restaurants. That's more of a Republican thing to do. Whereas the Democrats tend to bring in people who are working on human rights and the environment. You're not going to take them to a steak house if you're working with PETA. So, there's a direct reflection on not only the clothes but on restaurants and business.
Y: Tina 这个人好玩儿 。不过你得先解释一下PETA是什么意思赌命威龙 ,要不别人以为你不带他们去吃牛排是因为你小气呢。
J: I'm not cheap. I just don't eat meat very often. But PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Y: 噢,是个动物保护组织。
J: Exactly. So, I don't think they eat a lot of steak. I'm sure of that. But you know Bush is from Texas and Texas produces a huge amount of beef.
Y: 对,这下我知道今年大选我要投谁的票了宦海龙腾 ,我最不喜欢吃牛肉,所以...
J: Hey, what a minute! You're not supposed to say that on the air! You know better than that.
Y: 那好吧,那我等会儿悄悄告诉你好了。各位听众砺罂 ,我们下次节目再见。
J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe!
Words and Expressions
outfit ['a张超理?tf?t] n. 配备;用具;机构 vt. 配备;供应 vi. 得到装备
hip [h?p] n. 臀部;髋;屋脊 adj. <非>时髦的;通晓的 int. (欢呼声)嘿
liberal ['l范旭霞 ?吴正元b?r儒艮怎么读 ?l] adj. 慷慨的;大方的;开明的;自由主义的 n. 自由主义者;开明的人
conservative [k?n'skodak相机 李高扬 ??rv?t?v] adj. 保守的;守旧的 n. 保守派(党);保守的人
sync [s??k] n. 同步;同时发生;一致 v. (使)同时发生
inauguration [??n??ɡj曹三公子 ?'re??n] n. 就职典礼;落成典礼;开幕仪式
Whereas [?wer'?z] conj. 然而;鉴于
flip [fl温家恒?p] vt. 掷;轻击;弹 vi. 翻转 n. (跳水或体操动作中的)空翻;轻弹;浏览 adj. 无礼的;冒失的;轻率的
trendy ['trendi] adj. <口>流行的;赶时髦的
Ethical ['eθ?kl] adj. 伦理的;道德的;凭处方出售的