快乐的时光总是一瞬而过,2017常春藤夏令营第一期也已经步入尾声梁毅苗 。虽然我们即将彼此告别,但曾经一起度过的难忘时光、孩子的成长、以及友谊的收获都将一直留在我们的记忆里超pp连连看 。
为了让家长能够近距离的了解孩子的学习成果河田雅史,我们特意安排了本周五下午营员展示活动kindletouch 红楼奋斗生涯 。遗憾的是,天气预报显示本周五下午有雷电。这样的天气不仅会影响很多小组的成果展示瓦里玛萨斯 ,而且会对当天的活动造成一些安全隐患(预期当天活动人数为1000人左右)。出于对大家安全的考虑,我们最终只能遗憾的取消本次活动。
常春藤夏令营的导师们对因为天气原因而导致的活动取消一事也感到很遗憾,但为了让家长们能够充分了解孩子的进步蒋家田 ,我们为大家提供了第二方案龙游浅溪。王俪桥导师们会用视频的方式记录营员结营作品合欢路2号 ,这样您可以和孩子一同欣赏,也可以和家人朋友分享孩子的进步和成就关萍露 ,了解孩子们在主题活动学习的成果以及英文方面的进步。
我们再次对取消本次活动深表歉意温永毅 ,也对您的理解和支持表示感谢。
Dear Ivy League Camps’ Parents,
Time to Say Goodbye
Time has flown by and the end of camp Session 1 is coming this Friday. Though it’s time to say goodbye希普曼, it is also a chance to celebrate the great friendships九带犰狳, wonderful experiences and personal achievements all of our campers have made.
Parent Day Change of Plan Due to Weather & Safety
Originally our hope was to invite you all to Parents Day so you could see the campus and the projects and performances the campers have been working on. Unfortunately个园导游词, however张凡俊 , we received the forecast from the national weather bureau of a high chance of thunderstorms on Friday侯腾飞, which may lead to some flooding in the streets and parking areas and would create an unsafe environment on campus for the more than 1大清洗冤录 ,000 parents we were expecting. As a result for the safety concerns we are not able to do parent day we intended for this session.
Solution: Sending Parent Day to You
Our counselor team was extremely disappointed due to weather not to be able to showcase your children’s work, and so instead we came up with a an alternative plan. We will video all class projects and performances and distribute to you a customized recording of your child’s individual or team’s work. This will be a lasting record and something you can enjoy with your family and share with friends. We hope to show you the magic of Ivy League Camps and the amazing progress your Children have made in this all English-speaking summer camp.
Thanks so much for your understanding for the sake of safety and for your ongoing support for Ivy League Camps.
The Ivy League Camps Team